Unique, Like Everyone is published!

photo by Kelley Jørgensen
photo by Kelley Jørgensen

“(Nicole) is an artist of words, of dance, of travel, of gardening and of life. A word lover, people person, and generous hearted dog mama. She is a damn good writer, and I say this with all objectivity.”
– Kelley Jørgensen

“If Mary Oliver, Anne Sexton and Gary Snyder birthed a poetic offspring it might be Nicole Renée La Follette. Snyder’s quiet spirit infuses many of the poems, while Oliver’s precise word choices and rich appreciation of nature are part of others. There is pain, abuse, recovery gracefully part of other poems, often subtle sometimes a sharp word or two breaks through (Sexton).”

“The best poem in the book is a keeper and justification enough for owning this collection of poetry. It is called Ecydsis…


– Christopher J. Jarmick, Kirkland, Washington Owner of BookTree Kirkland’s independent new and gently-used book store –Creative and Freelance Writer, impresario, investigator, creator, Poet, Author of Not Aloud (2015 MoonPath Press). PoetryIsEverything Blog.

“It flows and is a joy to read!“ 

“The artwork enhances the appreciation of nature, gardening and plant life…” 

– Ono Lagattolla, Woodstock, Illinois

“Nicole is a courageous poet who puts herself out there with no-holds-barred. I learn from and appreciate her insights. Blond Behind Blue Eyes stung to the core as a perfect description of my own husband’s father: a presence who also “welded parameters” on his children… Thank you, thank you for sharing this treasure of a book.”

– a grateful reader, Southern California

“Unique, Like Everyone as an effusive thank you, a celebration not just of a unique life story, but gratitude for every friendship and influence that has guided the poet along her way, a way that has chosen joy.”

– Michael Dylan Welch, Bellevue, Washington

“(Nicole’s) book is a joy. I feel I know her better, know others better, and know myself better, too. (Nicole) is a unique petal in the flower of life.”

~ Jody Ceniceros, Northern California

“Nicole ~ Thank you for the copy of your beautiful book! ()I want you to know how special it is! It is “Unique”… and I always say there is a space between musical notes where we feel something special, so as it is beyond words there is a space where love dwells. That is your book!”

~ Jayne Dinsmore, Seattle, Washington